Electric Punching Machine From Renz

electric punching machine

The Renz DTP 340 M is a reliable, heavy-duty, desktop electric punching machine. The modular design makes it very versatile for all types of book and calendar production. Renz punching dies are available for all types of ring wire, plastic comb, coil and calendars.

Electric Punching Machine

The punching dies are strong and reliable German engineered with a working width of 340 mm. They available in a wide range of different punch patterns. The electric punching machine allows the user to punch a wide range of mixed stocks. The simple vertical loading system allows for quick, fast and effortless die changes. The user also gets precise punching from this vertical paper feeding system. Quick size adjustment technology allows the quick cancellation of punching pins without the need to remove the die. It also allows for high flexibility of different paper formats: A5, A4 and A3. The depth gauge feature allows the operator to adjust the punched hole margin from 2 mm to 4,5 mm. This adds strength to the bound edge. There is a large waste tray which can be easily removed allowing emptying from the front or the side of the machine. The Renz DTP 340 M electric punching machine is a compact simple design, one machine can punch and bind all jobs when using Renz MBS binding modules.

Renz MBS Binding Modules

Upgrade your DTP 340 M punch with RENZ MBS binding modules to make a workstation.

electric punching machineelectric punching machineelectric punching machine
Illustrated is the DTP 340 M and WBS 360 for wire comb binding.  PBS 340 for plastic comb binding. CBS 340 for plastic coil binding.


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