custom badge reels


Custom Badge Reels – Increase Your Brand Awareness

Custom Badge Reels offer a great promotional opportunity for your organisation. People love them because they offer a hands-free way to carry important items – ID Badges, Season Tickets, Access Cards, Keys or flash drive. Customising them with your organisation’s logo or design keeps your name front and centre. All of our custom badge reels […]


Financing your print finishing equipment

Why Lease Finance Is Never Cheap With so many sign and print shops reliant on cash flow just to keep their business alive, the decision to look at leasing and rental agreements for your print finishing equipment is simple and easy option as spreading the cost of using your  finishing equipment, for example, over 3 […]


Benefits of an ID Card Printer Carry Case

Further to the blog post – Accessories for ID Card Printers, if you are using your ID card printer at tradeshows, events, corporate gatherings, etc, it is important to protect your printer from being damaged by potential shocks and jolts. A carry case is the best solution for transporting your ID card printer and its […]


Protecting your ID Card Printer thanks to Dust Covers

Further to the blog post – Accessories for ID Card Printers, here is some information about dust covers to help you make the most informed decision when buying accessories for your ID Card Printer. Cleaning your ID card printer regularly is an excellent way to maintain its functionality and durability with the optimum solution being […]


ID Cards

ID Cards play an important role in organizations, whether for security, identification and/or recognition requirements. However, because all companies are different, various types of IDs cards exist. Plastic cards: It is the simplest card category. Their surface is even and flat in order to ensure dye sublimation. They are made to ISO standard. They are […]