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Digisort – The latest smart technology revolutionizing the sheets industry!

Presenting Digisort an intelligent device that excels in high-speed separation and counting of sheets from a stack! Technology has come a long way and integrated itself in every industry including printing to make daily tasks more efficient. Digisort is the latest technology that is ideally suited to help during the daily production of digitally printed […]

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Smart Technology – Price Tag & Labeling Solution

The Evolis Edikio is the complete solution for printing all your individual product price tags in various formats. The price tag printers professionally produce multiple prices and product information tags in the food and drink industry. The modern labelling printer keeps your branding consistent across your hotels, delis and restaurants. All types of customised display cards can […]

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Environment Friendly Colibri Book Covers – DBC Group

With schools starting back, now could be a good time to protect your books with a strong school book cover which is environment friendly.  This is where the Eco Colibri book covers come in. Why choose Eco Colibri Covers rather than normal covers? Eco Colibri covers are the worlds first cover to be a green […]

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Modernisation of Binding

No more binding documents manually, as now we provide the fastback automatic binding machine. Fastback binding is a thermal binding machine which uses heat to apply pre-glued strips to the spine of any document or book, creating a presentable, durable and long-lasting bind. Fastback binding machines are suitable for schools, law firms, hospitals, legal documents […]



Buying a roll or pouch laminator can have many benefits. Call today for a free demo today

Purchasing a laminator helps protect your documents & ID cards with a more durable coating. Laminating is a process of placing clear overlay over a document to protect it from damage. Laminators are available in a standard size for day to day use and available in bigger sizes for larger projects. DBC Group provides laminators […]

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Promote your brand with customised lanyards

Organisations are now beginning to be more brand conscious & lanyards can be one of the many sources to customise and promote your brand. Customised lanyards are now a part of marketing strategy for many organisations as they are low cost & high visibility. The purposes of lanyards are to attach identification & make individuals clearly […]

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Digital Vinyl – ShopStick New From Intercoat

Digital Vinyl ShopStick is a printable digital vinyl from Intercoat. Available in a white glossy or matt finish. It is a versatile 95mic monomeric vinyl.  Intercoats Diamond Air Liner makes the application easy without air bubbles. The greyback adhesive is removable without leaving residue on the surface. It can be applied to any kind of […]

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School Book Cover System from Colibri: Your Complete Guide

In today’s digital world, sometimes its nice to read a physical book and be at one with the text.  With school books making a comeback , now could be a good time to protect your purchases with a strong school book cover.  This is where the Colibri book covering system comes in. What type of school […]

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Can I print on Clamshell Employee Badges?

Clamshell proximity cards are extremely popular with access control systems for smart employee badges, making it easy to enter into buildings with a simple wave of a card. But the cards overall look plain white.  Many companies would prefer to have their branding on these cards. Can you print on them to add cardholder information […]

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Lamination, what is it and how does it apply to your business?

There are lots of laminators on the market. Whether you want to simply laminate a menu for your restaurant or create awe inspiring wedding invitations, laminators now offer a fantastic versatility and in some cases offer a whole new revenue stream to your business. Today, I’ll explain what lamination does, what each of the terms […]

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