Wire Binding Spools & Calendar Hangers

Wire Spools for industrial & Calander binding applications

 We’ve got you covered 

We now stock Wire Binding Spools for industrial wire binding and calander applications.  Manufactured by our trusted partner, Ferniko, using Berkat wire and produced on Kugler-Womako ProLoop machines, our Wire Binding Spools represent the highest level of precision and quality. 

Each spool is meticulously inspected to ensure perfection, resulting in a product free of bad loops or joints, guaranteeing a seamless integration with professional binding machines.

So, if your project calls for a specific colour that’s not on our standard list. We can source dedicated special colours to bring your vision to life.  Call us on +353 1 46000 or Click on the link below

Wire binding spool

Stocked in Dublin Warehouse

  • We currently stock white and black Spools. However, if you have a requirement for spools on a regular basis, we’ll be glad to quote you.
  • Our spools come in 2:1 and 3:1 pitch, covering a range of diameters from 1/4″ to 1 1/16″. 
  • Standard stocked colours are white, black and blue.
  • Other colours available include:
    Grey, Silver Metallic, Light Blue, Blue, Red, Yellow,  Golden, Orange, Cooper, Light Green, Dark Green, and Brown.
wire spools colours

Why buy from us...

  • Best Price: We believe in transparency, and our pricing is competitive and fair. We offer value for your investment, ensuring that you get high-quality products without breaking the bank.
  • Trusted Partnerships: We collaborate with trusted partners, such as Ferniko, and use premium materials like Berkat wire. This means you can rely on the reliability and performance of our products.
  • Extensive Selection: Our diverse range of wire binding spools and calendar hangers is designed to meet a wide array of needs. From sizes and colors to customization options, we offer a versatile selection to accommodate your specific requirements.
  • Quality: We take pride in delivering products that represents quality. Our wire binding spools and are manufactured with attention to detail and stringent quality control measures to ensure excellence.

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