How to Fight HAIs with Identity Products

Hospital and Pharmaceutical Identity Products

Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) are a serious threat to the health and safety of patients, staff, and visitors. According to the World Health Organization, HAIs affect millions of patients and cost billions every year.  

One of the ways to prevent HAIs is to ensure proper identification and hygiene of staff, patients, and visitors. That’s why choosing the right Identity Products for your Hospital or Pharma facility is crucial.

How Identity Products Can Help You Prevent HAIs?

Identity Products can help you prevent HAIs by:

Enhancing Identification:

Identity Products help you display your ID cards or badges clearly and professionally, which helps you identify yourself and others in your facility. This can reduce the risk of unauthorized access, impersonation, or confusion, which can lead to HAIs.

Improving Hygiene:

Identity Products help you protect your ID cards or badges from dirt, moisture, and damage, which can harbor germs and bacteria. This can prevent the spread of infections through contact or cross-contamination.

Increasing Compliance:

Identity Products help you comply with the regulations and standards of your industry, such as HIPAA, JCAHO, or FDA. This can ensure that you follow the best practices and protocols for infection prevention and control. 

What are Identity Products?

Identity Products are items that help you display, protect, and manage your identification cards and badges. They include: 


These are cords or straps that you wear around your neck, shoulder, or wrist to hold your ID card or badge. Lanyards come in different colors, materials, and styles, and can be customized with your logo or message. At DBC Group, we also offer wipe-clean lanyards (a popular product for hospitals) and pre-printed lanyards for visitors, staff, and security, to help you distinguish different roles and levels of access in your facility. 

Vinyl Badge Holders:

These are plastic pouches which you insert your ID card or badge into. They protect your ID from dirt, moisture, and damage, and allow you to display it clearly. Vinyl badge holders can be attached to lanyards, clips, or pins.

Rigid Badge Holders:

These are hard plastic cases that you snap your ID card or badge into. They offer more durability and security than vinyl badge holders and can be attached to lanyards, clips, or pins.

Badge Reels:

These are devices that you clip to your belt, pocket, or clothing, and have a retractable cord that connects to your ID card or badge. Badge reels let you extend and retract your ID easily, without having to remove it from your clothing.

In-store, we avail of two options: Round badge reel and Carabiner Badge Reel.

Access Control Cards:

These are cards that have a magnetic stripe, barcode, or chip that can be read by a scanner or reader. They allow you to access restricted areas or resources, such as doors, gates, or computers. Access control cards are essential for preventing unauthorized entry to sensitive areas, such as operating rooms, laboratories, or pharmacies, where HAIs can originate or spread. 

ID Card Printers:

These are machines that allow you to print your own ID cards or badges on demand. They can print on various types of cards, such as PVC, PET, or composite, and can encode magnetic stripes, barcodes, or chips. ID card printers can also print graphics, photos, logos, or text on your cards.

Where to Buy Identity Products for Your Hospital or Pharma Facility

If you are looking for high-quality, affordable, and customizable Identity Products for your Hospital or Pharma facility, look no further than DBC Group Ireland.  

We are a leading supplier of Identity Products for the Healthcare Industry, with over 40 years of experience and expertise. Offering a wide range of Identity Products, such as lanyards, vinyl badge holders, rigid badge holders, badge reels, access control cards, ID card printers, and ID printer consumables. With also free design, fast delivery, and excellent customer service.

To order your Identity Products today, visit our website Smart identity products for corporate and print applications (dbcgroup.ie), or call us on  +353 1 460 2200, We are happy to assist you with any questions or requests you may have. 

Don’t let HAIs compromise the health and safety of your facility. Choose the right Identity Products for your Hospital or Pharma facility today, and enjoy the benefits of enhanced identification, improved hygiene, and increased compliance.