New Self Print Custom Cover Service

Many of you have requested small volume runs of printed covers for a specific presentation or proposal. The volumes were anything from 1-100 covers and as you are all well aware this was not practical…..up until now!

This new process is ideal for one-off presentations or mock-up samples for designers which need impact to make the right impression with existing or prospective customers but at an affordable price. Previously, the cost of achieving such quality for low print runs would have been prohibitive.

Yes, we can announce that the problem of businesses printing one-off, personalised and corporately-branded presentation covers for tenders, reports and proposals at cost-effective prices has been overcome!

In fact you can print 1, yes thats ONE cover and have it delivered (within 4 days) for assembly using any one of our binding systems.

Its a very simple system……go to our designated portal, call us for your username and password, then select the cover type you wish to have printed, upload the artwork via our PDF upload feature, select quantities 1+ and send to print……… expect delivery to your door within 4 working days…prices start from €5 plus delivery!

We offer a full colour printing service on…

A5/A4/A3 Hard case  covers on 2.2mm card laminated or 300gsm board…you simply select

A5/A4/A3 Hard case covers “COMPLETE WRAP AROUND”  for a booklike binding effect again on 2.2mm card.

And our favourite the “Canadian” style wrap around cover which looks so great with our wire binding elements!

How did we do it?

A  collaboration between us and two European specialist providers resulted in a merging of skill sets from software, hardware, printing presses and finishing technology and not mention logistics.

To learn more and see the portal click here