New Packaging Product!!!

The WiAir 200 Inflatable Air Cushion Packaging Systems is designed for any business with a pack-and- ship operation needing to conserve space. The WiAir was engineered for the cost-conscious small business needing to securely pack customer orders and eliminate the storage space occupied by bulky packing materials such as peanuts and paper.

Save time: Produce 4 inch to 12 inch sized air cushions on demand to pack more in less time. With no potential for spillage, clean, neat and recyclable air-filled cushions keep clean-up time to a minimum.

Easy operation: Select cushion size and length of film run and push start. The WiAir does the rest!

Save space: Produce all the transparent air-filled cushions you need in about the space of a postage meter. 1 cubic foot footprint. One (1) roll of film equals seven (7) bags of peanuts. Air cushions costs as low as $1 per cubic foot. Produce air cushions in the sizes you need, just-in-time.

Save money: Lightweight and more durable air cushions offer greater vibration protection and at 50% less cost than traditional packaging materials. 4 inch to 12 inch size air cushions can be produced from the same film roll, no need to buy different film rolls to make different size air cushions. The WiAir inflatable air cushion packaging system will pay for itself faster than any other air cushion machine available.


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