Why Do You Need an Industrial Shredder?

Why buy an industrial shredder?industrial shredder

An industrial shredder can be an essential advantage to your business. The EBA range have stood the test of time with a wide range of industries served over the years.

Legislation, such as the Data Protection Act, states that all private information in documents must be securely destroyed in a way that ensures it cannot be recreated. To fully ensure this, secure shredding is the most effective method.

Even if you are not legally required to dispose of documents, it may be wise to prevent possible litigation from anyone whose private information you handle becomes accessible. The most convenient and effective way to do this is document shredding.

Corporate identity theft is when someone steals a company’s identity by:

• Using legitimate business information to obtain goods and services.
• Creating fake companies to scam real companies.
• Incorporating companies using the same name as a defunct or inactive publicly traded corporation.
• Corporate espionage.

industrial shredderWhich industrial shredder is best for your needs?

Starting with the EBA 5146, this machine comes with a tilting feeding hopper for crumpled paper. Feeding paddle for effective insertion of crumpled paper into the cutting head. Second feed opening (460 mm) located under the hopper for flat paper and computer printouts with automatic start/stop via a photo cell. Fold-away feeding table. Main switch and emergency cut-off switch.

The EBA 6040 comes with a large feeder table and conveyor belt to take in larger amounts 75 sheets in a single pass through the shredding head. Easy-to-use control panel with push buttons for forward/stop/reverse. Safety lock and key, main switch and emergency cut-off switch. Automatic cut-off in case of a paper jam. Optical indicators for the operational status of the shredder.

The EBA 7050 is one of our most popular models of industrial shredder for businesses that have a high level of sensitive documents that need to be shredded every day. This robust heavy duty industrial shredder has the capability of shredding up to 500 sheets in a single pass.


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