Before Investing in A School Rental Scheme – Some Basic Questions

Here are some basic questions to help you make the most informed decision before investing in a school book rental scheme.

Identifying School Needs

  • Is the school reviewing its present scheme or considering the introduction of a book rental scheme?
  • What are the benefits/drawbacks related to the scheme?
  • Have parents, pupils been consulted?
  • Has the Board of Management been consulted?
  • Can a pilot project be introduced prior to the full implementation of the scheme?


  • How is the initial capital acquired to buy a stock of books?
  • What yearly rental charge is levied?
  • Is it the same for all classes/for all pupils?
  • How often is this charge reviewed?
  • What procedures are followed if the fee is not paid?
  • What arrangements are made for children eligible under the Aid for School Books Grant Scheme? (Refer to relevant circular)

Implementation of scheme

  • Who has overall responsibility for the administration of the scheme?
  • What books are included in the scheme?
  • Who purchases the books?
  • How books are identified – school stamps, label …?
  • Who is responsible for the cataloging and distribution of books?
  • Who is responsible for the covering, repair and replacement of books?
  • What system is used to collect the books at the end of the year?
  • What procedures are followed if books are damaged or lost?
  • What special storage arrangements are in place?
  • What happens to the books that are no longer required by the school?


  • How often will the scheme be evaluated?
  • What criteria will indicate that the scheme has been successful?
  • Who will be involved in the review?

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