School Book Rental Scheme & Management Issues

Here is some information about the management issues to consider when investing in a School Book Rental Scheme.

Management Issues

A textbook fund administrator will need to be appointed and this can be delegated to a deputy head, a senior teacher or a member of the Parent Teachers Association. The appointee would be responsible for the scheme’s day to day running at the school.

The duties include the following:

Identifying new books and class participation.

  • Organizing the tagging and covering of books
  • Distributing books to students
  • Collecting rental fees from students
  • Requesting additional books when needed
  • Maintaining textbook ledgers
  • Developing a school book policy
  • Instructing students on proper textbook care
  • Collecting books at the end of the year and returning the textbook inventory and re-ordering form
  • Negotiating purchase/volume discounts with booksellers for following year

The senior management team (Principal or PTA) is often responsible for the proper administration and management of the fund.

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