Shredders – Is you shredding Service protecting you?

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Shredding Services, are they compliant with GDPR?

From a GDPR perspective, auditing your shredding service from end to end may highlight some very obvious weaknesses. Your documents may not be as secure as you thought! There is always the threat of accidental loss, espionage, inside attack or theft from site, vehicle, storage or destruction facility

With the return to offices about to happen, now would be a good time to review.

Replace Consoles with Shredders.

Is your “Secured” waste safe? Shredding service providers supply secure console bins for document collection. However, this still leaves the full document readable, exposing all its sensitive data to third parties



Combine with Office Shredders

However, combining third party shredding services with the installation of appropriate sized office shredders is the best way to keep company, customer and employee data safe. So maybe now is the time to review those “Document bins” and replace with office shredding stations which destroy the document instantly.

Under the ISO 21964 data protection standard, pre-shredding documents is the most secure destruction methodology ahead of mobile shredding services and then off-site shredding services.

Using our range of office shredders, you can shred a document securely. It will no longer pose a security or GDPR data breach.  It will


We can help – talk to us about how to implement an effective document security policy. What’s more,  you’ll save money using EBA shredding solutions.