Customised ID Badge Holders – Printed with your own message

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Employees in hospitals and healthcare bodies need to display visible identification at all times. According to Irish Health Service Executive, employees must always wear an ID badge with their photo and identity information. All hospitals in Ireland now require hospital ID cards for both nurses and doctors. With ID cards being compulsory, our new range of customised badge holders can offer many benefits.

Print your message with our Customised badge holders service!

Our new print service, lets you print a custom message or brand logo directly onto your badge holders. This is a great idea to add colour and presentation to the typical identity badge. Add your logo or even a brand message to the back of the card, its cheaper than printing directly onto the PVC card and our durable polycarbonate cards will last a lifetime.

One Hospital had a great idea for their ID badges!

With the advent of winter, one hospital, customised their staff ID badges with the message “Flu-Fighter 2019/2020” These holders provide patients with reassurance that they are being cared for by conscientious staff while at the same time raising awareness of the importance of this vaccination.


Customised badge holders are created with polycarbonate and have many benefits.

  • Durable: The heavy-duty card holders are ideal as cards won’t get bent, scraped and damaged in any shape or form.
  • Transparent: The holders are clear with UV treatment and deflects light to prevent glare from your identification information.
  • Restraining Clips: The feature of a restraining clip can prevent cards from slipping out, and a convenient thumb slot for easy removal when needed.
  • Easily Attached to accessories: Customised badge holders can be attached to myler/badge clips, plain lanyards, personalised lanyards and badge reels.

Custom printing is accessible with a vast range of badge holders, including portrait and landscape  holders, ridged holders, and more. Your organisation can have custom printed badge holders with their organisation name, logo, colour, brand, and that’s just the beginning! Call DBC Group now on 014602200 to book a consultation.