Badge Holders

BADGE HOLDERSFurther to the blog post Lanyards, here you will find some information about Badge Holders in order to help you make the most informed decision concerning ID Card accessories.

Once you have printed your ID Cards, your objective is to ensure their durability and to protect them and their data from external elements. Badge holders are ideal for this. Badge holders will extend the lifespan of your id cards and save a lot of time and money through reducing the need to reprint ID cards as a result of misplacement or damage.

Because all organisations are different there are various types of badge holders available to suit all needs.

1. Printing smart cards using RFID technologies – we suggest you to select Secure Badge Holders. These accessories are designed to secure encoded information and prevent forgery. This will enhance the level of security of your company.

2. Clean and healthy work environments (hospitals, nursery, etc.) – we recommend you to choose Permanent Lock Card Holders.  With these badge holders, you will isolate your ID cards from bacteria and germs.

3. Permanent requirement to wear an ID card – we suggest you to choose coloured plastic badge holders. With these accessories your cards are always clearly visible. Please click on the following links for more detaBADGE HOLDERSils:

4. Requirement for several badges to access to distinct zones. If you manage an organization with this requirement, we recommend choosing between two multi-badges holders: Two sidedMulti-Card Holder – PVC or Access Card Dispenser with Extractor Slide for 2 cards. With these options your employees can wear all their badges on the same display card accessory.

5. Concerned by sustainable development – we suggest you to choose Eco-friendly badge holdersBADGE HOLDERS. They are durable and recyclable. Moreover, they are available in Horizontal/ Landscape or in Vertical/ Portrait view.

6.  Organising or attending meetings, events and conferences – we suggest Vinyl badge holdersfor your guests and/or employees to simplify the identification process.

Other offerings – access card holders for swipe cards, card protector for pocket or purse and access card dispenser.

If you have any questions or require more details on badge holders or printed lanyards , please visit our website or contact us: + 353 1 460 2200