Before Implementing a School Rental Scheme – 6 Tips

Here are 6 tips to help you to implement a school book rental scheme.

1/  Phase in the introduction gradually to help alleviate the initial financial outlay. For example English the first year, Maths the second year etc or select class years that would easily facilitate a pilot test.

2/  Engage participation of Parents. Instigate a questionnaire to compile views and opinions and any objections or hurdles that may be unforeseen.

3/ Run a costing and financial model to fund purchase.

4/ Consider purchasing from previous year pupils by offering to buy books second hand off parents who had them prior to the start of the scheme.

5/ Review the department grant for school books rental and examine your schools suitability for funding from this resource.

6/ Implement a book covering system to ensure the longevity of new and existing books. Old or worn books could be easily revived with a fresh new cover each year. Saving on replacement costs in future years. We suggest you to select Colibri Book Covering Machines to protect existing and new school books.

If you have any questions or require more details on book covering systems, visit our website or contact us: + 353 1 460 2200