Personalised Labels for School Books and Stationery


CoLibrì Bluetooth Label Printer for School book Covers

This NEW portable labelling machine makes covering and organising school books a simple and rewarding task! We’ve come a long way from Covering school books with wall paper! So, if you’re involved in school book covering our easy to use Label printer make sit easy to label each book individually.

School Book covering with Personlised Labels

CoLibrì Bluetooth Label Printer is an entry-level labelling machine designed for use by teachers and pupils. It fits nicely in the palm of your hand and allows for quick and easy identification of everyday school book covering. It makes labelling fun! 

Variety of Sizes to suit any school book or Label application

No matter what your school book covering needs, the complimentary Colibri Labelling machine as a label roll to match! View Printer Rolls

Identify, Book Covers for School Books

Easy to distinguish, self-adhesive and easily removable, these long-lasting labels stick to a variety of surfaces, allowing them to be used by anybody, anywhere in your school or library. Plus, the integrated cutter ensures that labels are perfectly cut and offers a professional clean cut every time.

The CoLibrì App to label School book covers!

“CoLibrì Printer” is the new FREE app for the Bluetooth CoLibrì Printer, available on Android and IOS systems.

Customise your school book covers with personalised labels. Simply enter the name, class and even subject to print in just one click!  Its simple and easy to use


Why is it a MUST-HAVE?

  • Lightweight and simple to use
  • Organise your school book covers with long-lasting, removable labels
  • Customisable labels with text, style and a variety of symbols
  • 2 different tape widths for the perfect label size
  • Free and intuitive app
  • No ink needed

If you are covering School books this season our labelling machine will help your pupils and students to feel more organised and confident at school!

See our full Guide to School Book Covering here

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