Laminating Machine – GMP QTopic 380

laminating machine

The GMP Q-Topic 380 laminating machine is designed to offer an in-house laminating solution for short-run and on demand digital applications. As well as the more traditional litho outputs.

The Q-Topic is a semi-automated pneumatically controlled digital POD laminator. This GMP laminating machine incorporates the latest in pneumatics. It combines the benefits of GMP’s belt fed table with their magic eye gate control for quick and accurate sheet overlap. The built in perforating device and auto bursting unit ensure each sheet is ready for the guillotine. The Q-Topic offers some of the most advanced technology on a machine of this size.

Why choose the Q-Topic 380?

The Q-Topic 380 is an ideal solution for businesses who want to bring their digital or quick turnaround litho lamination requirements in house.

It is equipped with a semi-automated feed station that controls the overlap of each sheet. This will prevent miss-feeds by opening and closing a gate, controlled by the magic eye, as each sheet is passed through. In addition to the sheet controls the Q-Topic 380 is equipped with auto sheet separation which ensures a single operator can control the whole process. The integrated touch control panel has a 20 job program memory function which enables repeat work to be recalled instantly. This will allow any operator to run the work identically each and every time.

The Q-Topic 380 laminating machine is so easy to use and setup that even the shortest run can be done in house. If you are outsourcing as few as 50 sheets per week this solution will give you a swift return on investment whilst also giving you back control of the your work and of course the quality of the laminated finish.

Laminating machine and sleeking/foiling machine

The Q-Topic 380 laminating machine also has the ability to sleek or foil direct from the box. The built in re-winder enables holographic images, foils and spot lamination to be applied to your sheet without any special skills or tools. The foils are also over printable so you can create metallic finishes on images and text. This will enable you to produce high end cards for wedding stationery, invites, tickets, business cards and a whole host of other prints.

When the ability to sleek or foil and spot laminate are added to the mix the possibilities are endless. Owners can tap in to new revenue streams that were once not accessible with compact digital machines.

sleeking foiling

The Q-Topic 380 is a simple to use semi-automated digital or litho laminating solution designed to offer perfect results with the minimum of fuss. It can handle a wide variety of sheet thicknesses and can prevent media curl using the integrated anti-curl bar system. The Q-Topic 380 laminating machine is the ideal solution for businesses running short to medium volumes of digital print.

Free demonstration

If you are interested in a demonstration on the GMP Q-Topic 380 we can come to you. Please sign up here.