Innovations in Evolis ID Card Printers:

Technology in ID card printers is moving very fast and so are expectations of the consumer. Here’s the latest update on some features within our Evolis Range of ID card Printers

Wi-Fi connectivity 


If you need to print ID badges, student IDs or membership cards quickly, Wi-Fi connectivity can help ease the pain. It gives you the freedom from extension leads and excessive cabling. Your printer is no longer chained to a specific location because you can position it where the work needs to be carried out.

Reduced Clutter: No more cords! 

Wireless printing enables on-site, on demand printing with minimal IT infrastructure, eliminating the expense and hassle of adding or moving cable.

The Primacy WIFI feature is available as a factory-installed option only. Please call us on +353 (0) 1 460 2200 for more details.

Using modern locking systems

A new locking system is  available, where a metal lock limits access to the inside of a printer and its consumables. This ensures that only authorised individuals can retrieve coded cards. It’s ideal where the plastic ID printer user is located in a separate setting to where the cards are being printed.

Double sided ID card printers

The quality of the finished print on Evolis ID card printers is undisputed when compared to competitors like Datacard, Magicard, Smart and Zebra. However, speed plays a big part when you need to print quality cards quickly at events or professional conferences. The Evolis Primacy Duplex is an eco-designed printer. The energy consumption is on average 5 times lower than printers from the previous generation and it operates prints at a low 48 db sound level, ideal for deployment into any working environment.

Clearly, making the most of the best card printing from Evolis will ensure that your ID cards are printed using the latest technology. Call us for details or visit www.dbcidentity.ie

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