How do I clean my ID Card Printer?

Further to the blog post – Accessories for ID Card Printers, here is some information on how cleaning your ID card printer regularly can save you time and money.

When buying your ID card printer, consider the cleaning procedure as a very important task. It is to both protect your ID card printer and to ensure you achieve the best quality of ID cards at all times. In doing so, you will be in a better position to maximise the return on your ID card printer investment.

As a result ID Card Printer cleaning kits are important. They clean the printhead, rollers and all other moving parts of your ID card printer, removing dust and debris. Also, using a cleaning kit will prevent difficulties such as card jams, broken ribbons, etc. (We recommend that you clean your ID card printer every time you need to change the ribbon.)

NOTE: Each brand of ID card printer has its own specific cleaning kit. So if you have an EVOLIS ID Card Printer, you have to choose an EVOLIS cleaning kit. If not, you could damage your machine.

Following the cleaning kit procedure ensures that you protect your ID car printer from damage and achieve the highest card quality at all times.

For more information on cleaning kits please click here.

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