Determining your ID Card Printing Volume

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Further to the blog post Before You Buy An ID Card Printer – 3 Tips, here is some more information to help you make the most informed decision on what ID card printer to buy.

The first consideration, when buying an ID card printer, is how many cards you will need to print per year. There are generally three ranges of card printing volumes that ID card printers work to. However the characteristics of the ID printers on the market are very different and correspond to various needs. We recommend the EVOLIS ID Card Printer range and solutions to match differing levels of printing volumes are suggest below.

1/ High Volume: over 5.000 cards per year

If you want to print over 5.000 cards per year, you need to buy a printing powerhouse. This type of printer can be used several times a day and has high-volume ribbon capacities. The price is expensive. However there are a lot of security options available, which make up for the price aspect. Moreover the warranty is better. Click on the following links to have more details about these ID printers.

2/ Standard Volume: up to 5,000 cards per year

If you want to print up to 5.000 cards per year, you need a mid-level printer. In this case, EVOLIS Pebble and EVOLIS Dualys are just made for your business. Click on the following links to have more details about our products.

3/ Low Volume:  under 500 cards per year If you just need to print approximately 500 cards per year with no specific encoding options or advanced security, EVOLIS Tattoo corresponds to your needs. Click on the following link to have more information about the following link.

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