New “Think Green” Vinyl’s and over laminates

We are proud to announce the introduction of a new range of digital print media from the Portuguese company Digidelta.

Digidelta Wide format vinyl media
Eco Friendly digital print media


  1. Monomeric Vinyl’s and matching over-laminates for banner and displays. 3-5 Year!
  2. Polymeric Vinyl’s and matching over-laminates for “Small curve”  car signage and outdoor display. 7 Year
  3. Excellent range of polymeric PVC films, frosted or sandblasted for glass decoration surface. Ideal for cutting plotter, or solvent and UV printing.

What makes these products so unique?

They are the first affordable “Think Green” eco friendly initiative within the sign industry using a curing process developed by BASF. This technology for UV adhesives on Pressure Self Adhesive applications uses a on a special combined solvent-free hot melt resin.

Think Green

This represents a powerful, more efficient and safer alternative to conventional adhesives, ensuring high ecological safety (Less Odors), excellent resistance to the effects of ageing, heat and the ingress of water, as well as providing crystal clear clarity on a gloss clear product.

The advantages of UV cure adhesives, compare to solvent-base are:

  1. Non emission of solvents into the environment.
  2. Excellent durability with the monomeric Vinly have an unusal 3-5 year lifetime.
  3. High resistance to temperature, water and a crystalline transparency, without conflicting with UV and solvent inks.
  4. Good adhesion and lamination without drying time.
  5. Excellent print reception on a vibrant white surface for Latex, solvent and UV printers.

And finally and most importantly there are very affordable for products with such eco friendly aspirations!