ID Card Printing Technology – Rewritable

Re-writable – ID card Printing:

Re-writable ID card printing technology has become popular for visitor badges and name cards for events.

How does it work?

Rewrite-Id-BoardLike the magnetic Sketch boards we used as kids,  you could sketch and draw any shapes and simply wipe them off again to create a new sketch. Our re-writable cards work along the same principle but instead of swiping, we use a variance of heat to clean the card and a different temperature to write to it!

So for the technically minded, a special thermo-sensitive material is applied as a plastic layer over the PVC card. This material turns visible when heated to a temperature of 356° F (180° C) . Then, the application of a lower temperature, generally in the 230-320° F (110-160° C) range, will erase any color pattern.

By using this process, the same card can be erased and reprinted over and over again, up to 500 times. No more throwing away old cards. Now you can simply update the card information as needed, printing on the same cards.


Evolis Tattoo RW badge printerEvolis Id card printing technology

This heating,cooling and writing process is handled by  our Evolis Tattoo Re-write. using its specially designed printer head. The Tattoo RW is the ultimate solution for your temporary badges and
cards that require regular updates. With Tattoo RW, your cards are updated whenever needed, making it ideal for Visitor badges as each card once returned to reception can be over written with the details of the next visitor.

Benefits of  this technology?

  • With Tattoo RW, you re-write the same card up to 500 times.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost-effective and professional
  • No cost relating to ribbons

If you would like more information on this print technology, the ID cards or a suitable visitor management or card design software that leverages this technology, please contact us or visit or www.dbcidentity.ie


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