Custom Badge Reels – Increase Your Brand Awareness

custom badge reels

Custom Badge Reels offer a great promotional opportunity for your organisation. People love them because they offer a hands-free way to carry important items – ID Badges, Season Tickets, Access Cards, Keys or flash drive. Customising them with your organisation’s logo or design keeps your name front and centre.

All of our custom badge reels come with durable retractable cords that make it easy access your cards and badges frequently without it becoming a hassle.  All our custom badge reels have reinforced strap and can come in different colours.

Our custom badge reels are available in all shapes, sizes and colours. Make your ID badge stand out by picking a unique reel style and adding your own logo, company name, tag lines or any other message you choose.

custom badge reels


  • Simplify frequent ID badge scanning
  • Hold your ID card, keys, and other essentials
  • Add personality when wearing your ID badge

Available in cheaper plastic or long-lasting durable chrome metal versions, badge reels are customisable with a full colour printed or with a sticker on one side. Their small size makes them convenient to clip on your belt, a pocket, or some other piece of clothing for easy access. The retractable cord slides simply and easily in and out of the badge reel when you need to use your ID security card for access, to pay for something, or to show your credentials.

Whenever you have an ID badge of any kind, the chances are that you’re going to have to carry it around with you in order to show it to security personnel or to swipe it at doors to gain entrance. Obviously the easiest way to do this is with some means of attaching said card to your person.

What better way to promote your company and reinforce your brand than with custom badge reels? Call one of our experts today or click here and we’ll contact you to discuss your retractable badge reel needs, and we’ll find the best option to meet your requirements


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