Fastback Binding Machine

fastback binding machine for personalised binding strips

What is the Fastback binding machine?

The Powis Parker Fastback binding machine is probably the world’s most efficient binding machine. It creates perfectly bound documents in just seconds, without any punching. It binds all size documents from 10 to 350 pages. It speeds up the entire binding process, allowing the user time to go about more important daily tasks.

The finish is both stylish, robust and secure, reducing the requirement for storage space and costs associated with other binding machines. You will only ever use the 3 sizes of binding strips to bind all size books.

Different sizes for different documents.


The guess work is gone when it comes to choosing which size strip to use for each document. The interactive touch screen tells you which size strip to apply to your book. Be it Narrow, Medium or Wide Super strips, the binding machine simply tells you what size to use for your documents.

This is a user friendly, eco-friendly and low maintenance automatic binding machine  , which is perfect for the modern busy office. It is in use in various industries worldwide, from small legal practices to large financial institutions and accountancy firms. The Fastback binding machine is recognised as the market leader in binding technology.

What are the benefits of Fastback binding?

One of the benefits of the Fastback binding machine is speed. This means you can leave your documents to be bound until the last minute – allowing you to get Fastback-binding-booksthe content completely right before you need to bind. This is of great importance in the production of tender documents for bid managers or marketing departments as deadlines need to be met.

In the event of mistakes being made, there is an edit function. It can be easily navigated so last minute changes can be achieved if necessary without losing the content. From a mailing perspective Fastback bound documents do not damage easily in comparison to other spiral finishes; such as wire or coil binding. Ensuring your
documents arrive to your client in good condition.

If you’d like to arrange your free demonstration on this binding machine, please contact us or visit www.dbcidentity.ie


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