Choosing a low volume ID Card Printer

In the posts – Before You Buy an ID Card Printer – 3 Tips and Determining Your ID Card Printing Volume we presented a number of factors to consider before purchasing the best ID card printer for your business. One of those factors was volume.

If you have decided that your business has a small ID card printing volume requirement (less than 500 cards per year) while desiring a high printing photo quality finish, the ID card printer on the market that we recommend is the Evolis Tattoo 2.

Evolis Tattoo 2 is very compact and ease-of-use. It is the best solution if you need to print plastic cards on a small scale and for mobile applications.

In a few seconds, Tattoo2 produces monochrome or colour cards/ badges. Tattoo2 prints pictures, text, barcodes and logos thanks to its 300 DPI standard resolution and its edge-to-edge printing.

Tattoo2 is the best ID card printer for small organizations which need to print membership cards, badges etc … in low volume (sport clubs, schools, libraries etc)

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