Promote your brand with customised lanyards

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Customised lanyards with and and logo

Organisations are now beginning to be more brand conscious & lanyards can be one of the many sources to customise and promote your brand. Customised lanyards are now a part of marketing strategy for many organisations as they are low cost & high visibility. The purposes of lanyards are to attach identification & make individuals clearly visible. DBC Group provides two types of customised lanyards in a variety of fabric & styles to suit your organisation.

Pre Customised

DBC provides pre customised lanyards for staff, contractor & visitors. These lanyards are pre-printed safety breakaway lanyards, which are 16mm long with metal swivel hook. There are three options available for these lanyards.

  • Black: Staff
  • Blue: Contractor
  • Red: Visitor

Customise Lanyards:

Your organisation can design a lanyard from scratch with the help of DBC group. These lanyards are the best option to promote your brand. The initial step is deciding on the number of lanyards your organisation would like to purchase as purchasing in bulk is cheaper.  You can make a style choice by deciding the graphics, colour and message on the lanyard. Lanyards can be customised with your brands Pantone colour to make it unique for your brand. Finally, on your budget you can decide the end clip design whether it is a snap hook, lobster claw, J hook or any other style you would like. For health and safety regulations we suggest a flat plastic breakaway for the closure of the lanyard. At DBC Group we can help you finalise the perfect design and the width of your lanyards.

Customised lanyard types:

  • Imprinted Polyester: Your multi-coloured logo or message is imprinted onto quality custom lanyards using a silk-screen process. Guaranteed not to smudge or rub off!
  • Woven Polyester: Your message or logo is embroidered into these personalized lanyards giving a raised feel and added durability. Extremely durable. Great for repeated uses.
  • Imprinted Tube: Our best economical solution. These polyester badge lanyards are exceptional for tradeshows, seminars or other uses.
  • Imprinted Nylon: For a message that truly stands out, custom nylon lanyards are our premium product. The thicker, shinier surface allows for greater detail in your design and a truly exceptional look.

After selecting a lanyard type, customising the colour specific to your brand, & your brand’s message, your lanyard is ready to promote your brand. You can also purchase add ons such as card printers, PVC cards & badge holders.

DBC group will take you, step by step through the process & deliver your customised lanyard in the time frame of 2-3 weeks. Contact us now on 014602200 to start designing your brand’s customised lanyard.