Best ID Card system for healthcare professionals

Mighty badge for healthcare workers

Visual identity is an important aspect within a medical facility. A professional healthcare ID card reassures patients of the healthcare professional they are dealing with. In today’s security conscious world, healthcare environments need to ensure that those employed by the facility are easily identified but that only appropriate visitors should be given access to patient wards.

Having a robust and secure system in place and on-site can result in significant cost savings versus outsourcing to a third party. It also allows the facility of printing visitor ID’s for contractors, patients and visitors to patients at the reception desk.

The Best healthcare ID Card Printer:plastic id card printer

The Enduro 3E is considered as the world’s most reliable ID card printer.  This robust ID card printer is perfect for healthcare environments that need to print up to 10,000 ID cards per year. Software for the Enduro is easy to install and use and is compatible with Windows 7, 8.1, 10 as well as Mac OS X. The Enduro3E can be equipped with a range of card encoding devices to write secure electronic data to ID cards at the point of issuance.  This can allow hospitals or homes store vital patient information such as blood types, any known diseases or allergies and disabilities in case of emergency.


healthcare ID card

For added security. The Enduro printer can add a HoloKote security frosting anti fraud watermark to every card it prints. The Enduro3E is supplied with four pre-defined watermarks that can be easily selected from the printer driver.


The Best ID Badge for Healthcare:

Simply having an ID with your name can provide great comfort to patients in your care. These ID’s need to be hygienic and also be out of the reach of patients who may reach out and grab you. This is why the mighty badge is by far the best for healthcare environments.

Mighty badge for healthcare workersThe Mighty badge system gives you full control over your badge design. On top of having the user’s name on the badge, you can also add logos, photos, custom typography and more.  There is no additional equipment required with Mighty Badge as the name badges can be printed on a standard home printer. The mighty badge system is also reusable as the printable insert is interchangeable.



If you are looking to purchase an Enduro 3E or mighty badge’s for your healthcare environment, give one of our ID expert’s a call in our Dublin office at +353 1 460 2200 or visit our healthcare page on https://store.dbcgroup.ie/Articles.asp?ID=344