5 ways to display your prints or photography that your clients will love

Displaying your prints or photography in a professional manner can difficult to achieve. You want to display your hard work off in a way that is attractive for your customers to want to buy.

After you’ve created your masterpiece, you need to be armed with the best way to sell them and have clients come back for more! There are many techniques for laminating your products and cutting them out and now you need a way to display them and building the excitement that your customers will love.

Here are some of our favourite products that you really should look at! Trust us!

1. QuickPro Art CanvasQuickPro Canvas DBC Group Ireland display photographs

This little product is fantastic because it’s so easy to use. In fact, all our products are designed for a 3-year-old to
use (if a 3-year-old is in the printing industry). The QuickPro has everything you need to create the perfect canvas in 120 seconds. It requires no specialist knowledge or equipment. In fact, all you need is a pair of scissors, a stapler and your creativity.

We have the QuickPro available in a range of sizes and are wall mountable. These are a great choice for displaying photographs or prints to your awaiting customers.

2.  Glass Coaster – Black

Glass Coaster to display your photographsDid you know coasters were originally created in the 19th century to ward off bugs from your precious pint? Nowadays, coasters are used at reception desks and in most homes up and down the country (especially if the owner has OCD like my wife!). Imagine having your logo or print displayed on those coasters for everyone to see! This can be the case with these amazingly simple coasters we have in stock.

The ultimate premium glass coaster is designed to be virtually unbreakable and heat resistant. It’s very easy to simply insert your best images.  It looks great too as it is hand finished, high gloss polished and sports stylish bevelled edges.

3. Glass Mount A3 Photo FramePremium Glass Mount

How great would your prints or photographs look in this frame?! This glass mount has a prestigious and quality feel that is one of a kind. It can be displayed on a desktop or can be mounted on the wall. You can display your print in either portrait or landscape. If you are a photographer reading this, you’d be mad not to consider this product.

Made of 4mm thick toughened glass, this will make your customers swoon when they see your print or photograph displayed with this.

4. Vision Blox Premium Display Acrylic Photo Frame

VisionBlox Display productsIt’s your customer’s birthday or perhaps as its coming up to Valentine’s day and you want to send them a gift? These VisionBlox are perfectly sized picture frames which display your print or photo in perfect clarity. Simple to use, they can be assembled with photograph in under 12 seconds. A magnetic metal back simply slips on the back of the frame, holding your image in place.

There is no cutting or special equipment required. Simple.


5. Blank Keyrings With Removable InsertAdventa promotional Key Ring - DBC Group Ireland

Nothing looks nicer than a good keyring hanging off your car keys. Supplying one of these keyrings to all your customers gets your promotional message out there quickly. It’s so simple to create, simply remove the insert, place in your image and close. If you have the right size image, it should only take 10 seconds to complete. If you are wondering what to do if you have hundreds of keyrings to produce, well I have the answer for you. The i-Mark Die Cutting machine is perfect for cutting intricate and small designs ideal for your large order of keyrings.

Take a look at our video of an i-Mark in action if you still need convincing.


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