Wire Binding – Create Professional Bound Reports & Books

wire binding

Wire binders, wire punch documents, manual or electric binding machines, create reports or books by using double loop wire binding or twin loop binding. Wire binding machines secure printed materials and create professional documents that lay flat for easy reading.

Wire binding machines punch two holes per inch (2:1 pitch), three holes per inch (3:1 pitch) or both. A binding machine helps you run a smooth punch and bind operation. Wire binding machines are an excellent choice for projects requiring a full range of functions or sturdy construction.

We provide a complete range of electric wire machines, manual wire machines, wire binders and wire supplies from DSB and Renz.

2:1 Wire Binding

wire binding2:1 wires are used for binding machines that have a 2:1 Pitch punch. This enables binding from 2-280 sheets using a single pitch binding machine. An easy indicator is 2 holes to every inch. So please check before ordering. Boxed in “easy pick” boxes to avoid wire getting tangled and wasted.

3:1 Wire Bindingwire binding

3:1 wires are standard wires for binding documents with a 3 hole per inch punch pattern machine. Pages lie flat and rotate 360 degrees for convenient note taking and photocopying. Documents of up to a maximum of 125 pages can be bound with these elements.

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DBC Group provide an extensive range of binding systems both 3:1 and 2:1. The new Eco Comfort Plus range of wire binding machines are designed to produce low to medium volumes of documents of all sizes quickly and easily. This affordable range of in house wire binding systems are the perfect way for you to bind your documents in a professional finish.

Fixed 3:1 or 2:1 pitch, electrical desktop punching and RENZ RING WIRE® binding machines for all types of book and calendar production. Designed to produce low to medium volumes of documents of all sizes quickly and easily.

2 thoughts on “Wire Binding – Create Professional Bound Reports & Books

  1. Myself and my business partner came out with a 2021 Diary that supports small to medium irish businesses. (attached the proof)
    We have ordered a few samples of it from different providers but we are afraid that the glue binding wont hold so we would like to see the option for O WIre binding.
    The spin is 25mm and it will be an A5 size diary with hard cover front and back, all photo colours.
    436 page 218 sheets inc the cover

    IS this something you could do for us?



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