Wide Format Laminators – Easymount Range


Are you interested in wide format laminators?

Sign companies and printers use wide format printers from manufacturers including Roland, Mimaki, HP, Epson and Canon. They can be used to print all sorts of large graphics. These include posters, signage, roll-up banners and window graphics. After the printing stage wide format laminators are needed for finishing.

Many companies are now diversifying into more areas of wide and large format, including pop-up displays, exhibition & trade show graphics. Also vehicle wraps for cars, motor bikes, buses & even planes!

These prints still need protecting however. Lamination provides protection so they become weather resistant from the rain and sun. A laminated print will also save the customer money, as materials can be re-used, valuable graphics are protected and signs & posters are stiffened.

The Easymount range of wide format laminators are available in cold, single hot and double hot options. Widths start from 650mm/26 inches up to 2100mm/83 inches. They can laminate print as well as mount print to foam boards and lay down application tapes & vinyls.

  • Cost effectiveness

    The versatility of Easymount wide format laminators make them incredibly cost-effective. The range includes everything from entry-level models for those still finishing jobs by hand, to professional heavy-duty thermal models that will cope with every application all day everyday.

  • Lamination in depth, control in abundance

    Easymount roll film laminators are designed to perform and built to last. Their advanced features allow you to laminate, mount and encapsulate. Designed in-house by Vivid, the Easymount range gives your business extra capacity by allowing you to offer your customers a complete service that you previously had to outsource. Lamination is usually applied on one side only with a Pressure Sensitive over laminate film. The Easymount range has been designed to laminate to the highest standard, and when used in conjunction with any good quality laminate gives perfect results no matter what you are laminating.


  • Mounting

    Mounting fixes a print to a substrate/board using an adhesive. This can be permanent or semi-permanent. Easymount rollers are designed to gate up to 25mm / 1″ wide, and will mount onto substrate up to this size.

    Mounting wide format
  • Application Tapes, Laying Vinyls

    The Easymount is used for applying application tapes and laying vinyls.


If you would like a demonstration on our Easymount range you can contact us here.