Event Name Badges – Tattoo RW


Printing event name badges can often be a time consuming, expensive, unimaginative and un-environmentally friendly exercise. At DBC Group Ireland’s leading supplier of ID products, we understand how important time & money in addition to brand & image are to our clients.

The Evolis Tattoo RW – available here – is an event printer with a difference. The Tattoo RW is a single sided card printer for re-writable cards. This means that you can print your event name badges in a quick, affordable and sustainable manner. Perfect for producing temporary badges and ID cards.

Benefits of using the Evolis Tattoo RW for event name badges.tattoo2-rw-event-name-badges

  • Flexibility. You can make a new card anytime it is needed. The erase and rewrite cycle is extremely fast, printing your event name badges in seconds.
  • Cost Efficient. The revolutionary re-writable technology does not require a ribbon. This saves you money and each card can be used up to 500 times so you don’t have to throw away your event name badges and you can re-use them for your next event.
  • Environmentally Friendly. Tattoo RW uses re-writable cards, reducing your environmental footprint.
  • Brand & Image. Brand your event name badges to advertise your company. The re-writable cards can be pre-printed with your company logo maximising your companies brand and image. 

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Printing name badges has never been easier with the Tattoo RW. For an affordable, professional and eco-friendly event badge printer look no further than the Evolis Tattoo RW.