Digisort – The latest smart technology revolutionizing the sheets industry!

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Presenting Digisort an intelligent device that excels in high-speed separation and counting of sheets from a stack! Technology has come a long way and integrated itself in every industry including printing to make daily tasks more efficient.

Digisort is the latest technology that is ideally suited to help during the daily production of digitally printed photo books and photo calendars.

Sheets stacking

You can stack up the sheets up to 700mm or stacks of 20 sheets and load them onto the rapid-exchange trolleys. You can pre-select the number of sheets (it can either be partial layers or complete sets). You even get the option for variable sheet counting throughout the stack by means of a barcode reader. What makes the machine even better is the gentle, mark-free transportation of sheets from the stack to the delivery station via suction roller for safe, better movement of the sheets. There is a photocell in the delivery station for starting and stopping the machine cycle.

The standard machine features of Digisort

With this powerful machine, you will have 2x rapid-exchange trolleys to accommodate more paper while its high-speed suction roller will allow you to easily separate the papers for smoother functioning. It has adjustable air blower for statically charged sheets and ultrasonic double-sheet control. The automatic alignment control and tracking of the sheets help you get more smoothness and efficiency from the machine. To give the machine an advanced touch, a touch screen with intuitive machine operation is used.

Digisort is a remarkable smart technology to sort and count any amount of paper.  Book a free demo and consultation now on 01-4602200.