Plastic Card Printer, quality printing, requires regular cleaning!

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A speck of dust in your ID card printer, can reduce the quality of your prints massively. That is why proper maintenance is recommended for the optimal performance of your  printer.

When it comes to the printer maintenance, only a proper cleaning kit can guarantee optimal results. So, before you get on with the cleaning of your ID card printer, make sure you have the right cleaning kit.

Contents of a standard cleaning kit

There are many ID card printer cleaning kits in the market, so you should expect a few variations in the contents of the kits. However, we offer premium ID card printer cleaning kit, which includes all the necessary tools needed for the proper maintenance of your printer. cleaning kits contain:

  • Cleaning cards (can be extra-long, short, or both)
  • Wipes
  • Cleaning rollers
  • Swabs
  • Printhead cleaning pens
  • Cleaning cloths

Note: All cleaning kits come with a list of compatible ID card printers. Go through the list of compatible devices before you make a purchase.

Easy maintenance for your Plastic card Printer 

Printhead: Before starting the cleaning procedure remove  jewellery from your hands, so you don’t cause scratches.  Use the swabs that come with your cleaning kit to clean the printhead of your ID card printer. The Printhead transfers the image to the plastic cards while printing, so be careful and don’t scratch it.

Card Printer: Use the cleaning cards provided in your cleaning kit to clean any form of build-up in your card printer.

Printer Roller: The roller in your ID card printer is meant to remove dust from ID cards while printing. Use the cleaning rollers in your cleaning kit to restore adhesion in your printer roller or supplant it with a new one.

We offer premium cleaning Kits:

  1. Evolis cleaning kit
  2. Datacard cleaning kit
  3. Fargo cleaning kit
  4. Magicard cleaning kit
  5. Zebra cleaning kit

…That’s all there is to ID card printer maintenance. Simple right? Get your cleaning kit today on 014602200, and give your ID card printer a treat.