Make Your Business GDPR Compliant – Purchase A Cross Cut Shredder

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A cross cut shredder is an essential piece of equipment when it comes to General Data Protection Regulations. EBA Shredders are manufactured in Germany by EBA Krug & Priester who have a world renowned reputation for state-of-the-art technology and quality engineering. We stock a complete range of shredders from Deskside, Office, Departmental and Industrial. EBA shredders utilise cross cutting technology for shredding confidential documents into tiny pieces, making it impossible to piece back together.

Advantages of a Cross Cut Shredder:

Security: Many organisations now have implemented a “shred all policy” in accordance with GDPR. Cross-cut shredders definitely offer the most security because they can shred your paper into small pieces. Since the document is in pieces, it can’t be reconstructed, so consumer data is safe & erased in accordance to GDPR.

Quality: DBC Group are the Irish distributor for EBA Krug & Priester Shredders. They are 100% manufactured in Germany and offer a lifetime guarantee on their cutting mechanisms. Their outstanding performance give EBA document shredders the endurance they need to exceed your expectations.

Tidier: Changing a shredder bag is a drag because it’s too easy to make a wrong move and end up with paper bits all over the floor. If you choose a cross-cut shredder, you won’t be changing the bag as often as you would be with a strip-cut shredder.

Reduce Costs: Investing in your own shredder can bring great costs savings, especially if you are outsourcing your shredding service.

Shredding your documents is the best method of achieving peace of mind that sensitive information is irretrievable and you are data compliant. The average document can be fed into an office shredder and is destroyed in just a few seconds.  No matter what your shredding requirement from a desk-side shredder, office shredder, departmental shredder industrial shredder or a high-security shredder application we can help! Call DBC Group now on 01 4602200 to book a consultation and start protecting your business today!