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With schools starting back, now could be a good time to protect your books with a strong school book cover which is environment friendly.  This is where the Eco Colibri book covers come in.

Why choose Eco Colibri Covers rather than normal covers?

Eco Colibri covers are the worlds first cover to be a green certified polyethene stationery product. The production of Eco Colibri covers eliminate c02 equal to more than 3 times its weight. It’s created using Green  Polyethene which is plastic made from renewable vegetable material.  The covers are environment friendly, biodegradable & recyclable. Toy certified.

Types of school books covered:

Eco Colibri books sleeves can cover any size and shape of a book whether hardcover or paperback. The covers are customisable to any book, as multiple sizes are available.

  • Mini Covers: 250×300 mm
  • A4 1 Cut Covers: 300×490 mm
  • Standard Covers: 320×490 mm
  • Big Covers: 430×630 mm

Benefits of Eco Colibri covers:

  • Strong and Resistant: Books are protected from spills and also resistant when thrown in school bags.
  • Long-Lasting: Eco Colibri covers can last up to two years for regularly used books while up to five years and longer for less frequently used books.
  • A non-slip agent helps prevent books from sticking together.
  • Easy To Use: No glues or adhesives are used, ensuring that the original book and its cover are not altered or damaged in any way.

Eco Colibri book covers are a fantastic tool to protect not only your textbooks from wear and tear but also protect the environment. To purchase Eco Colibri covers contact DBC Group today on 014602200.