Modernisation of Binding

Fastback, Binding, Automatic Binding

No more binding documents manually, as now we provide the fastback automatic binding machine. Fastback binding is a thermal binding machine which uses heat to apply pre-glued strips to the spine of any document or book, creating a presentable, durable and long-lasting bind. Fastback binding machines are suitable for schools, law firms, hospitals, legal documents and businesses. The binding machine is available in two versions, 9 and 20 to suit all sizes of binding jobs.

Why you should choose a fastback binder over other binders:

  • Flat lay documents: Fastback bounded documents open flat and the documents have a seamless, panoramic impact. The bounded document lays flat displays graphics, full-bleed pages and panoramic photos. It makes the bounded document enjoyable and easier to read.
  • Sturdy: A fastback bounded document can resist 50 pounds of pull
  • Fast Binding: As the Fastback binders are an automatic machine they can bind documents 3.5 times faster than traditional binding machines.
  • Colour Coordinating strips: An extensive choice of colorful thermal binding strips are available to match your documents and the company colours. The colourful binding strips creates a document which stands out. It enables businesss to be creative and pay attention to details.
  • Fool proof settings: You don’t have to set heat, strip type or any other function on the machine. Simply attach documents, read strip size on screen and insert the strip mentioned.  Fastback will then arrange the machine settings to bind the strongest document, exceptionally quick.

Fastback is an automatic binding machine and cuts down the traditional manual system of binding. To book in a consultation and purchase contact DBC Group today on 014602200.