World Premier of the New Colibri Book Covering Machine

Irish Schools will have the chance to see the first ever Automatic book covering machine (E-LEONARDO) at the upcoming IPPN conference on 26th and 27th of January 2011.

Unusually, the manufacturer in Italy has granted sole permission for this machine to be premiered prior to its own international launch at the Paperworld conference in January 2012.

Paolo Faccenda, International Sales director for Colibri Italy says “Paperworld and the IPPN conference will be held on very similar dates in January, considering the popularity of Colibri machines within Irish schools coupled with the resurgence of the school book rental schemes, the opportunity to demonstrate the new advancements could not be missed.”

More news will follow in the coming weeks.

Colibri Book covering machines are the affordable method to cover books with a clear “custom-fit” transparent film (cover) no matter what the book size. It has become Ireland’s most popular method of book protection with over 367 schools now using it to preserve their books.

All covers are designed to be Eco- friendly and come with a child safety certificate should the child “put the cover to the mouth” For more information click here