New Fastback 20 Binding Machine

Powis Parker has just released a new tape binding machine that’s bound to be a big hit.  As Ireland’s sole distributor for Fastback we have just received the first batch of these machines into our Dublin warehouse last week.

The Fastback 20 is a a truly incredible device that has a lot of special features that will interest those familiar with the daily toil of binding many different documents quickly and efficiently.  The real beauty of the fastback binding system is that you do not need to punch any pages in order to assemble the document, its a simple insert your document with its cover and press the button…the machine will do the rest. Then within less than 30 seconds you will be presented with a prefectly bound document that is secure, will lay falt and look great!

If you would like a free demonstration of this machine in the comfort of your own office please do not hesitate to contact us on + 353 1 460 2200. There will be no obligation to buy but seeing is believing and we know you will be impressed. Click here to see the video tutorial.

Take a look at some of these features:
The Fastback 20 can bind documents that are up to 340 pages long. It takes 20 seconds or less for the binding cycle to complete so you can produce a lot of documents quickly.

The binding strips you need to use with this machine are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.  This can help your company become as green as possible.

The Fastback 20 has a graphical user interface that walks you through the binding process. Even if you’ve never bound a book before, you’ll find that doing so is easy.

This is a great-looking binding machine that’s also pretty durable. It comes with a one-year warranty.

With only 3 strip sizes to bind any document from 1 to 350 individual sheets, this system makes binding any size document easy for anybody. To see our complete list of Fastback binding supplies click here.


If the Fastback 20 sounds like your kind of tape binding machine, make sure you visit our main website, www.dbcgroup.ie. We’re proud to be carrying this machine and we also stock supplies that are compatible with it. Give the Fastback 20 a look today to see for yourself just how incredible it is!