PDF on How to set up a school book rental scheme

There seems to be very little information on the pro’s and cons of setting up a school book rental scheme in Ireland. With the current economic climate, this type of scheme is becoming very popular.

Text book rental scheme

Our company has had extensive experience in selling our CoLibri book covering machine and covers into schools, Libraries and bookshops for covering and prolonging the lifetime of  textbooks in a school book rental schemes. However, we could find no comprehensive guidelines to help our customers set up such a scheme. So, this is our stab at it!

It is not a comprehensive guide and we would love feed back from school principals or Parent Teachers Associations as to the practicality and validity of the information in our assembled document. Please feel free to post your comments here on our blog and together we can build a guide that will be helpful to all.

In return, we will collate and amend your comments into a new revised draft and make it freely available to download for the benefit of all concerned.

Please note this is only a draft document for discussion on this form. So, with a little research, we came up with a discussion document that outlines the following:

  • What is a School book rental scheme?
  • What Grants are available for school books?
  • Management issues to consider
  • Guidelines for operation
  • Questions schools may need to address
  • Quick tips on setting up a rental scheme
  • Example of terms and conditions

To download click the link below

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All comments welcome on this blog if you feel it will add value to other schools thinking of such a scheme.




School Book Rental Overview