Printed Lanyards

Further to the blog post Before you buy your ID Card Printer-3 tips, here you will find some information about accessories to wear your ID badges.

Once you have printed your ID cards, we suggest you to select lanyards which are one of the most popular ID card display accessories. Indeed, lanyards are an excellent way to promote your company and its values. Also they are comfortable and safe to wear.

You can customize and personalize your lanyards through printing on them your logo, the colors of your company, your slogan etc. You just have to choose the lanyard style that best corresponds to your company’s budget and needs. In this case, we recommend you to choose Classic Lanyards.

If you want to have a less uniform look, allowing your employees express their individual style, we recommend that you have several models to offer to your staff. Everybody can find one corresponding to their way of dressing, their mood or their style. You can even decide to create individual lanyards with staff names and with various colors. So, your employees will enjoy wearing their ID badges because their lanyards bring a little fun to daily work. In this case, we recommend you to choose Coloured Lanyards.

If you are interested in sustainable development you can select and personalize eco-friendly lanyards made from recycled PET or from bamboo.

Whatever your choice, you will improve the level of security of your company as staff wearing lanyards can be identified easily and quickly.

To attend special events (tradeshows, company gathering, etc) we recommend you to create themed lanyards. In doing so, you will introduce a real touch of professionalism during these events and promote your company culture. To keep your employees motivated to display their ID cards you can offer them the possibility to choose and select the patterns to print on lanyards.  If you need a high level of security during these events we suggest you to select pre-printed lanyards.

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