ID Cards

ID Cards play an important role in organizations, whether for security, identification and/or recognition requirements. However, because all companies are different, various types of IDs cards exist.

Plastic cards: It is the simplest card category. Their surface is even and flat in order to ensure dye sublimation. They are made to ISO standard. They are delivered in a sealed packaging to protect them from dust and contamination.

HID cards: These cards are perfect if your organization need physical access control. You can encode information and details about the owner, which allow him/her access or not to certain restricted zones.

Smart cards: There are 4 types of smart cards:

  • Contact cards: They are constituted by microchips and work when they are shown to a card reader.
  • Contactless cards: They are constituted by microchips but they work thanks to radio frequency technology (RF)
  • Twin smart cards : Both technologies on one card
  • Combi smart cards: Accumulation of both technologies on one chip.

Plain Eco-Friendly cards: They work as well as standard plastic cards and you can print high quality photos on them. The significant difference is that they are biodegradable.

Secure cards: These cards can avoid avoid forgery and copying through security features being integrated into the card design. As a result they have to be printed by a laminating card printer

Pre-printed cards: These cards are necessary when a security design is required (reproduction of graphic, logos etc)

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We also provide a Bureau Service which consists in creating the cards you need.

Company Culture

Thanks to ID cards you can also promote your company culture and values. You can personalise your ID badges with your logo, the name of your organisation and using various colours, turning a bland ID card into a more vibrant component in the work place. We also suggest that you equip your staff with fun accessories such aslanyards or retractable badge reels to keep them motivated to wear and display their ID badges.  By providing a small selection of themed lanyards and ID badgeholders, your staff can choose different accessories whenever they want.

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