Selecting a High Volume ID Card Printer

In the blog posts – Before You Buy an ID Card Printer – 3 Tips and Determining Your ID Card Printing Volume we presented a number of factors to consider before purchasing the best ID card printer for your business. One of those factors was volume.

If you have decided that your business has a high ID card printing volume requirement (over 5.000 badges per year) while desiring a high printing photo quality finish, we suggest you to choose between two Id card printers: Evolis Quantum or Evolis Securion.

Both are dual-sided printers using colour or monochrome ribbons. Thanks to these machines you can personalize and produce high-definition badges with an edge-to-edge finish.

They differ in the level of security they offer.

Indeed, the Evolis Quantum has a reversible encoding module. In addition, you can combine various encoding options such as magnetic cards and contact or contactless smart cards. Therefore, it is the ideal solution to print transport passes, access control badges, calling cards, SIM cards, students’ ids, etc

The Evolis Securion is a laminating ID card printer. This machine is ideal to print official documents such as identification cards, drivers’ licenses, health cards, etc. Indeed the lamination process defends your cards against counterfeit cards or altered badges. Last but not least, this process allows you to prolong the lifespan of your cards.

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