The Advantages of Covering School Books with CoLibri Book Covers

The whole point of investing in a CoLibri Book Covering System is to increase the longevity of books in a safe, economical, and convenient way. For this reason, CoLibri products can be very instrumental in ensuring the success of the recently approved school book rental scheme. No school or book rental shop should be without it.

Why should you pick CoLibri Covers for your school books?

Used with the CoLibri Covering Machine, CoLibri Book Covers provide quick, durable, custom-fit protection for school books all year round.

The book will retain its pre-covered look. Our book covers and covering machine do not damage the book in any way.

Unlike other hard covers, CoLibri Book Covers do not “eat into the spine” of the book. They do not get deformed and neither do they destroy the original form of the book.

Book is protected from dirt, moisture, and other forms of physical damage such as folds, tears, and scratches.

CoLibri Book Covers passed rigorous testing for child safety. No need to worry about little children licking off toxins from them if they put the book into their mouth.

Old cover can be easily removed for replacement. The next student gets to use a book that has a fresh new look, something that each pupil deserves.

Experience the CoLibri benefits by ordering the system today!