Smart Air Purifiers for Schools

Leitz Air Purifier for School Classrooms

This month Minister Foley announced the payment of a €62 million works grant to help with Air Purification within the classrooms for primary, special, and post-primary schools, 

Within our “smart technology” basket of products, we offer the Leitz range of Air Purifiers, offering a choice of three Air Filtering models to cater for most classroom sizes. 

  • Small room up to 23m²
  • Medium room up to 35m²
  • Large room up to 70m²

Air Filters with Smart Technology

Built-in PureDirect technology uses two airflow streams to distribute air more comfortably, delivering purified air more effectively. In addition, two of our models, the Leitz Z-2000 AND Z-3000 come with SENSORPODS.

What are Sensorpods?

Individual sensors are placed away from the Airfilter unit to take air quality readings. The sensor communicates those readings back to the Air Purifier to optimise clean air delivery throughout your workspace or Classroom.

Let us recommend the Best Machine and Filter for your Classroom size.

With a wide variety of Air Purifiers, Filters and accessories to choose from, let us help you find the best Air Filteration system for your business or Classroom. 

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An Offer for you!

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Please note:  these offers are subject to availability and stock levels.

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