2:1 Wire Binding – Bind Up To 340 Pages

2:1 wire binding

2:1 Wire Binding Creates a Professional Finish.

2:1 wire binding is recognised as the smart, professional and affordable way of binding documents. 2:1 wire binding will allow your bound presentations to lie completely flat and rotate 360 degrees giving you complete control of your document. 2:1 wire binding with a binding capacity of 34mm or 340 pages gives you a far greater binding capacity than regular 3:1 wire binding which is traditionally associated with wire binding. Many wire binding users do not  realise that they can create larger bound documents up to 34mm, in house.

2:1 Wire Binding That Can Bind Documents Up to 340 Pages.
2:1 wire binding

In many cases wire binding users or clients looking to improve the look and feel of their presentations or documents, purchase their machines from their local stationary suppliers and are not informed of the binding capacity restrictions that 3:1 wire binding machines have. 3:1 wire binding machines allow you to bind up to 120 pages or 14mm which means users of 3:1 wire binding machines find themselves without an in house way of binding documents bigger than 14mm. This is where 2:1 wire binding has a distinct advantage as 2:1 wire binding machines allow you to bind all size documents up to 34mm.

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2:1 wire bindingDBC Group provide an extensive range of wire binding systems both 3:1 and 2:1. The new Eco Comfort Plus range of wire binding machines are designed to produce low to medium volumes of documents of all sizes quickly and easily. This affordable range of in house wire binding systems are the perfect way for you to bind your documents in a professional finish.