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Roll laminator

Purchasing a laminator helps protect your documents & ID cards with a more durable coating. Laminating is a process of placing clear overlay over a document to protect it from damage. Laminators are available in a standard size for day to day use and available in bigger sizes for larger projects. DBC Group provides laminators in a variety of styles with different features to suit your organisation’s needs.

5 reasons to buy a laminator – Pouch or Roll

  1. Value for money: In long term, purchasing your own laminator is considerably cheaper than outsourcing to get a laminating job done.
  2. Protect and preserve. Normal paper cant withstand the effects of the sun, wind, and rain? Lamination can make your item much sturdier and resistant to the effects of nature. You can even use special UV pouches to protect your light-sensitive work from the sun’s harmful rays.
  3. Easy to use: Laminating yourself may sound daunting but it is a very easy task to complete. In some laminators you simply place the document in a laminating pouch or sheet, place in through one side of the laminator & finally your document comes out fully laminated from the other side.
  4. Time-saving: Laminating yourself can cut down the time of outsourcing in less than half the time and is a quick process. It is beneficial to purchase a laminator for large quantities of ID cards & documents.
  5. Protection: We all make mistakes. If you spill a cup of coffee over the laminated document, it won’t be ruined. Just one swipe & it’s clean. Laminated documents & ID cards are hard to tear, which creates a long-lasting and durable documents/ ID cards.
  6. To prepare them for presentation. In addition to making the colours in your work pop, lamination can be used to prepare your items for presentation. For example, you can use mounting boards with some laminators, which allow you to use your machine to create sturdy, durable signs, displays, and so on. Some pouches even have sticky backs so you can adhere your item to another surface.

If you are considering about purchasing a laminator please contact DBC Group on 01-4602200 for a quick consultation and free demonstration.