5 items you didn’t know were in our 2017 DBC office catalogue

With the New Year celebrations now firmly over, you are probably considering some office products for 2017. Our new catalogue has just arrived on our desks and we are excited by all the products that are available. We stock over 20,000 products and have access to over 100,000 products so you can be sure, if you can think of it, we stock it.

This year’s office product catalogue is full to the brim with every range from diaries to paperclips but today I am going to reveal 5 products you didn’t think we sold but we do!

5 Office products you didn’t know we had in our new catalogue:

  1. Chocolate Digestives:2017 Catalogue DBC - Office Products | DBC Group Ireland

    We know that you may be tired of all the chocolate after the Christmas period but there is nothing like sitting back with a nice piping mug of freshly brewed coffee accompanied by a chocolate digestive at the 3pm slump.  We’re selling packs of 48 so everyone in the office can enjoy them (or perhaps you’d prefer to keep them all to yourself).

  2.  ModelSmart Pro 3D printers:

    Many feel that 3D printing is out of reach however the ModelSmart Pro 3D from ST3Di is changing that opinion. These colourful printers are harnessing the power of printing models in 3D with simple plug and play design. Used by a range of businesses from Architects to wedding planners, the ModelSmart is versatile to print everything from bespoke furniture to moulds of a set of patient teeth for dentists.  These 3D printers come with an LCD touchscreen, are Mac and Windows compatible and with ST3Di software for editing your models.

  3. Standing-sitting desk:

    2017 DBC catalogue - Office Products | DBC Group IrelandPerhaps you want to be the ‘cool’ person in the office or maybe you have made a resolution to have better posture for the new year; this desk is for you. The Arista Sit-Stand desk has an electronic frame which easily adjusts to your height making it suitable if you want to run on your treadmill whilst replying to email’s or you simply prefer a mobile working environment. It comes in two sizes, 1200 and 1600 and in a range of 4 colours.

  4. Megaphone with Siren:

    One of the more unusual orders we received recently was from a company who asked for a Megaphone with a siren installed. This powerful megaphone can be heard at up to 3KM away and comes with a 2kW siren for emergency situations. It is ideal for fire marshals or Health and Safety officers on building sites.

  1. iStore ‘n’ Go USB Drive:Office Products | DBC Group Ireland

    If you use an iPhone or iPad, you know how easy it is to reach your memory limit. This little USB drive will be your dream come true. Compatible with iPhone/iPod/iPad with lightening 8-pin connector, you can now easily store and transfer files directly between your Apple device and PC. Apple MFi certified using Apple licencing technology, you may never have to see that red limit symbol again.


We’ve made some great enhancements to our office products range for 2017.  Apart from the above, we also have traditional products such as document wallets, pens, personalised lanyards, coffee, tea, hard drives and everything in between. If you are looking for a free copy of our catalogue, call us today at +353 (0)1 460 2200 or click the image below.


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