Foiling and Spot UV is now affordable with Matrix Laminating Systems

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Think Foiling and Spot UV was expensive? Think again!

Once upon a time, laminating was simply covering a document in a plastic sheet to protect important information from being ruined by spillages etc. This is not the case any longer. The Matrix laminating systems are award-winning systems that not only laminates both sides of a printed sheet at the same time but can also create foiling and on the spot UV effects.  This can create beautifully finished work without the need of custom-made blocks and set up charges.

What are Matrix Laminating Systems?foil laminator - DBC Group

The intelligent Matrix from Vivid laminating makes bringing added value to print businesses a reality. It is a great way for smaller printers to cost effectively add value to a business with its clever effects. If you require laminating work and outsourcing is not viable or need a same day turnaround time in your business, this is the machine for you. The Matrix can not only laminate, but also cost effectively foil and produce on the spot varnish effects. Many customers of the Matrix are producing products like certificates and luxurious looking brochures.

Cost effective

The Matrix systems are incredibly cost effective.  It means that you as a printer can now truly offer a one-stop solution to your customers. We know print finishing is a fickle business so adding a new revenue stream to your business and also offering a same day service will mean this machine will pay for itself. Finishing applications such as foiling were once considered the domain of specialist trade finishers however with the Matrix, it only takes a few steps using digital print and the laminator. The over printable foils help to achieve really beautiful output without the need to make dies which can be complicated, expensive and time-consuming.

The Matrix creates effects using adjustable pressure from the pneumatic rollers and by doing this makes a previously complex and expensive addition to print, cost effective and simple.

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Speed counts

matrix laminator optional feeder foiling - DBC Group IrelandThe Matrix Duplex laminates both sides of a printed sheet at the same time. The Duplex can also laminate single-sided, as well as encapsulate.  It is designed with high-quality components are used including Omron switches and Schneider electrics. Adding a auto-
feeder to the laminating system free’s up operators and prints can be loaded for non-stop operation. The Matrix does provide a truly automated print finishing system which can be used to create luxurious looking business cards, wedding invitations, book covers, menues etc.



What our Pro’s love:

  • Ease of Use
  • Quality of product
  • Cost effective

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