Good News for our book covering system!

Colibri Book Covering MachineLast week, the Department of Education announced that it will examine how €15 million in grants allocated annually to schools to run book-rental schemes will be reviewed. The grant is worth €11 for each primary school pupil and €24 for second-level students. An additional €10 and €15 per child is offered at primary and second-level, respectively, for schools that cater for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. The up-shot of this announcement is an agreement that the Department will implement a nationwide school book rental scheme as a part of their approval.

This action comes on the back of a recent campaign by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVP) launched earlier this year to help reduce the yearly cost of school books by calling for a new government policy that would regulate the publication of new editions of school books.It’s success means that unless utterly necessary, publishers can only print new editions of school books every four years giving Families and students the option to rent, lend, hand down, or sell pre-owned books. This will substantially reduce the cost of education particularly to those finding it difficult to fund the costs in the current environment.

Schools, families, and book rental shops can make the most of the additional 3-year mileage of school books by using a top-of-the-line book covering system such as the CoLibri Book Covering Machine. It’s a low-maintenance, easy to use, affordable, eco-friendly, and ergonomically designed book covering machine guaranteed to give every book its maximum shelf life.

This is good news for our Colibri Book covering machine as it is now the system of choice for many primary and secondary schools throughout Ireland for the protection of loan books. The system applies a custom fit protective jacket to any size and shape of book, quickly and easily.

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Finally, if you are a school principle or Parent Teachers association that are reviewing the viability of a school book rental scheme, click here for our “How to Guide ”