Temperature Measuring Tablets


New range of Temperature Measuring Tablets

The arrival of the Covid-19 virus has focused attention onto staff health and wellbeing within the workplace.

A common indicator of fever or onset of Covid-19 symptoms is an increase in body temperature.  To ensure individuals or staff members are not entering the workplace with a high temperature many companies are using “fever screening” temperature measuring tablets as a first line of defence.

Our range of temperature measuring tablets form Tauri are designed to detect body temperature within 1 second of presentation to the screen and provide a discreet alarm when an individual presents with a high temperature. Available in 3 model sizes 7″,15.2″ and 21″ these screens fits neatly into any reception or office environment.

The temperature sensors have been developed in German and provide a fast detection temperature accuracy, tolerance at +- 0.3 degree Celsius, with a refresh rate at 64Hz. Furthermore, the screens are of commercial grade and manufactured by Glorystar, a world leader in Display and touch screen technology.

New Partnership Announcement 

We are proud to announce our exclusive partnership with Glorystar and now stock their complete range of screens and tablets. All our tablets come with a 2 Year support warranty and onsite support and back-up. Our temperature measuring tablets come complete with easy to use software which allows you to custom set the parameters of your screening. Select from Mask detection warning, Temperature calibration, custom screen savers, relay for door/access control,  email notifications settings and face detection.  Since launch in June of this year, the software has been constantly updated to reflect the feedback from our clients. We expect some more exciting features over the coming months.

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