Plastic Card Printing – ID Cards For Your Business

plastic card printing

Plastic card printing is now easier than ever. Your name and corporate colours can be printed onto both sides of a plastic card. Add extras like signature strip on reverse side, contactless encoding, magnetic stripes or viable data insertion like photos, names, membership numbers, expiry dates, position, etc. You name it, we can merge and print it!

Plastic Card Printing For Everyone

ID cards can be necessary in organisations as a means for security and recognition. We recognise that every organisation and business is different, and with this in mind we can customise the ID card for your needs.

Different types of Plastic Card Printing


Clear Plastic ID Cards

Plastic PVC Cards

The simplest of the ID cards. Plastic cards used for loyalty cards, membership cards, business cards, hotel key cards & custom ID card printing.

HID Cardsplastic card printing

A combination of visual ID and access control to the building. You can encode information and details about the owner, which allow him/her access or not to certain restricted zones.

plastic card printingMagnetic Cards

Magnetic stripes or mag stripes, are the dark strip of magnetic material often seen on the back of gift cards, loyalty cards and membership cards, which are used in conjunction with a POS system. Mag stripe cards are also used in access control as key cards, as well as on ID cards.

Signature Cardsplastic card printing

A plastic card with a strip for signing on the reverse.

plastic card printingSelf Adhesive Cards

Ideal for printing an ID card then sticking it to an existing proximity or access card. Most card printer manufacturers recommend using mylar backed cards for best results.

plastic card printingColoured Cards

Stand out from the crowd with solid coloured ID cards. Their even and flat surface ensure flawless moves under the printhead.

Rewritable Cardsplastic card printing

Rewritable cards are plastic cards that are reusable or erasable. They have a glossy side that can be printed on using any desktop card printer. On the other side, they feature a matte surface that contains a thermo sensitive material that can be “printed” on, erased and reused for up to 500 times, hence the name.

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